Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ugh...PB and a fill...

Today has not been a very good LapBand day. Is she mad at me for going back to work? The wedding this weekend was great fun, and it was awesome to have my loving boyfriend by my side. But since I've been home? I've been able to EAT...and, as a result, have gained a few pounds in as many days.

Obviously, I was looking forward to my fill today - just wanted a little bit to make the large portion sizes/weight gain go away. But today? My band was in a seriously bad mood.

I skipped breakfast - whoops. Went for a Java Chip Light Frappuccino at Starbucks on my way to the first teacher inservice meeting of the problems there. At lunch time, the men in my department invited me to join them for lunch at a pizza place - I ordered a thin crust chicken pizza. Knowing it wouldn't be the best food for me to eat (but lettuce is bad on my band, so a salad is out...and bread is no bueno either, so a sandwich or calzone was out)...I grabbed a fork and knife and started to tear apart little pieces of the pizza. After a few bites (literally, less than 1/4 of a tiny slice of a personal size pizza), I knew I was done. I boxed up the rest and enjoyed the conversation with my colleagues...only to run to the bathroom with that "ohemgee I'm gonna vomit!" feeling half an hour later. Yup, the few bites I ate came back up in full force! Ugh. I left with the iced tea I had bought and sipped on some of it during our next meeting...only to end up with embarrassingly LOUD hiccups...nice. Got to explain that one to my surrounding colleagues and boss!

After the un-enjoyment of the afternoon, it was off to get a fill. Like I said, I HAD been looking forward to it...the doctor gave me another 0.5cc (he wanted to take me straight up to 10cc, but I told him that scared me!) to bring me up to 9.5cc. I sipped the water he gave me to test the prob. I walked out of the office with a little hiccup and headed across town to my next meeting, stopping to buy my traditional post-fill milkshake.

UGH. Every sip of the milkshake made my band gurgle, my mouth start to slime, etc. I finished about 2/3 of the milkshake inside of the 2 hour meeting...then threw it away. A MILKSHAKE?! Are you kidding me?

I'm sure the stress of the earlier PB combined with a fill is pissing off my band, but I'm now on liquids until tomorrow...gonna stick to non-creamy (read: not a milkshake) liquids and see if my band feels better tomorrow. I remember what it feels like to be too tight all too well...I'm heading back into the doc if I can't handle this fill!

But, it's also that TOM...I've heard bands are tighter then. Could this reaction to the milkshake just be a horrible triple whammy of TOM, PB'ing lunch and a fill?! Thoughts?

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  1. i vote for the triple whammy! i too had a small fill a few weeks ago only to be hit with TOM early and a bunch of pb episodes in a row therefore everything is swollen etc i've been sticking to atkins shakes and yogurts to keep the calories in check :-)