Friday, August 20, 2010

The Result...another unfill.

After yesterday's 0.5cc fill...I was in hell. Chest tightness, barely able to drink liquids, constant hiccup/burping...I even had some acid reflux going on, ugh. By 11am this morning, I had had enough and called my doctor. The receptionist said "Yeah, that's not right...can you come in now?" Yup! Lunch break was soon approaching, so I headed over to the office on my lunch and the doc took the 0.5cc back out, taking me back down to 9cc again. What IS it with the 9cc?! If you've followed my blog, you know that 9cc killed me back in June...I've now been doing well back at 9cc over the last couple of weeks, but that extra 0.5cc yesterday...ugh.

I'm feeling better now - chest tightness has mostly subsided, I can *sip* liquids again (a big gulp makes me go *ugh* again), and I now need to just wait for my insides to recover from all of the swelling of the fill/unfill in 24 hours to see if I can eat again. Theoretically, I SHOULD be fine...because the unfill took me right back to where I started yesterday when I thought I needed a small fill due to large portion sizes.

Perhaps I should just stay at 9cc for awhile and use some willpower to decrease portion sizes? I've got to remember that the band is a TOOL, not a magical cure all to my obesity!


  1. Well said! Satisfied vs. Full is the key. Glad you're feeling better!

  2. No fun, but I'm glad you went in. Hope you feel better!