Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's my Bandiversary...7 months :)

What a crazy seven months it's been! I look at my overall weight loss (69 pounds), and I'm pleased with an average just shy of 10 pounds a month. I'd love to keep that average! But, this morning I made the mistake of looking at how much I weighed when I said goodbye to my students at the end of the school year (June 3)...probably because I'm about to see all of them and my colleagues again in about a week and a half. Ugh. I've only lost 12 pounds since June 3 - that's an average of about 6 pounds a month! I don't like that one. I have to remember that the scale is still going down, and that's a good thing!


  1. You are doing great! Happy Bandiversary, Joia!

  2. It's a great number no matter how you slice it!

  3. You are doing awesome. Keep up the awesome work... And you are right the scale is still moving down..