Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm 30 now...and need to blog.

Wow - I guess heading back to school is just as exhausting for the teachers as it is for the students! My first week back to work wasn't stressful or anything, but getting back in the habit of waking up so darn early (and then staying up late to talk to my boyfriend on the phone) sure is draining...add to that the fact that I also had to get up early yesterday (on a SATURDAY...also my 30th BIRTHDAY) to take my FFA officer team to an all day retreat...dude, I was exhausted. So exhausted that the officer retreat ended up being my 30th birthday celebration in it's entirety. Originally, I had some friends who wanted to take me out to dinner, but that fell through. I ran a couple of errands after the officer retreat and came home...ended up passing out early-ish and sleeping for ten hours! Guess I needed it, eh?

The 30th birthday came and went without too much fanfare, obviously. My Facebook was blasted all day with birthday messages, which made me feel loved, and the gifts/cards I got in the mail from family were welcomed with love and appreciation. I guess it's bizarre, even after eight years of living in this town, that my only real *friends* are colleagues. I lost my interest in random partying years ago, so my only friends in town are fellow teachers/union leaders who are married with kids and have their own lives. Treating myself with my favorite nachos and taquitos from a local mexican joint (which took a pretty massive PB to get down - worth it, it's my birthday dammit!) while catching up on DVR'd shows with my kitty cats seemed like a pretty calming and relaxing way to spend the evening.

Beyond that, I was in a funk of sorts. I'm convinced that my boyfriend is someone I want to be with for the rest of my life, and having him 2,400 miles away at his house just doesn't make celebrating anything alone worthwhile. Also, the fact that I *had* to work on my 30th birthday, surrounded by some colleagues I've lost interest in (thank god my students were there - we had fun together!)'s time for a career change...or SOME kind of change. I had another interview on Friday for a staff position with the California Teacher's Association and will find out Tuesday if my life is about to change. I'd have to move, give up my titles of agriculture teacher, FFA advisor, all of the elected union positions I hold, etc. But - I welcome the change! I'm excited to really *start* my life, as it feels that the last 8 years of my career have been preparation for what I really want to be doing...and knowing that my boyfriend is with me every step of the way really confirms that not only do I want to be DOING something different with my life, but that I want to spend it with him.

:::sigh::: So...happy 30th birthday to me!

P.S. My weight has been stable over the past week, clocking in yesterday at the weight you see on my blog above. My nacho/taquito binge fest last night brought me up 0.8 pounds this morning, but I'm not counting it! Better than slamming down cake and ice cream, right? And those 0.8 pounds will be gone in the next day or two...bring on the 250's!!

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