Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hmmm. Smart doctor!

I've been doing a lot of nothing...and that includes my weight loss. After celebrating some victories last week, I've regained a couple of those lost pounds through poor eating choices and overall lack of movement. In a word? I've been lazy. As much as I'm dreading going back up to 9cc at my fill appointment today (where I PB'd and was stuck for over a month), I think it might be the way to go. My portion sizes are large, I'm making horrible food choices (not as bad as pre-op, but bad for a Bandster), and I'm finding that the 1,000ish calories a day I'm aiming for aren't keeping me satisfied throughout the day. Ugh. I guess I'll let him take me back up to 9cc and see how it works out for me - gotta remember to take smaller bites! The difference in the fill this time, though, is that I know how miserable it was to live with my band so tight. I'm not on vacation (in fact, I head back to work in two weeks), so it'll be a quick trip to the doctor if I find I'm not ingesting as much food as my body needs to lose weight. Having a band that's too tight not only decreases the amount of food I can ingest, but also zeroes out the weight loss as my body starves for nutrition. So with this fill? I have some goals:

(1) Take smaller bites. Honestly, I scarfed down a quesadilla and two tacos after drinking with friends last night - without a problem. I should never have been able to get all of that down, especially with the bite sizes I took (HUGE!).

(2) Choose healthier foods again. My newest discovery and addiction is a coffee place called "Java Detour." They sell 32 oz. frappuccinos. Need I say more?!

(3) Get moving again. I stopped my "Couch to 5K" training because my left knee twisted after my W2D2 left knee is my GOOD knee, after having surgery on my right knee in college for a torn ACL and meniscus. Yeah, I'm not blowing the other knee. Obviously, my almost 270 pound body is too much for my knees to be running on - but that's not an excuse to sit on my ass and play Frontierville on Facebook all day. Luckily, work starts up in 2 weeks and my physical activity will naturally increase.

(4) Take my vitamins. My grandma bought me a 90-day supply of VitaBand vitamins for Bandsters back in late January...I still have nearly half a bottle left. BAD JOIA!

I think my doctor was right 2 weeks ago when he told me he wanted to take me to 9cc today. I was scared then, knowing what 9cc did to my body in June. But I feel confident in that decision of his, and I'm heading to his office in about half an hour...I think he did it the smart way, though, by taking me there gradually and letting me come to the realization that I needed to be there. Smart doctor ;).


  1. Do you have a food scale at home? I know this helps me TONS (haha, no pun intended!) when I can weigh out my 6 ounces of food. I never put more then that on my plate so I usually don't have to worry about over eating. Good luck with your fill!!

  2. Yes, I have a food scale...when I actually bother to track my food, I do weigh/measure out portions. The problem is that I don't want to live my life that way - I never chose to take this "LapBand" thing as another diet where I'd be forced to count calories and serving sizes. However, when I fall off the wagon, I generally turn to the tried and true method of measuring/weighing/tracking food in order to refocus my brain on what's appropriate. Kudos to you, Mary, for utilizing that tried and true's just never been comfortable for me. :)

  3. sounds like you're in good hands. good for you on coming to the realisations that needed to be made :) hope 9cc works for you this time