Friday, July 9, 2010

My Driver's License Lies...

Yeesh, not even 24 hours since the unfill and I already feel a million times better! Granted, I've been staying on liquid/mushies since the fill, but I've been able to eat without ANY chest pain...that's the first time that's happened in WEEKS! I can't even tell you what a relief this is! I'm going to continue the liquid/mushies until Saturday afternoon, as my doctor prescribed, but I'm looking forward to trying some actual substance food for dinner on Saturday! Wow...I'm so happy!

On the other plus side? I lost over 2 pounds since yesterday! I don't know why I wasn't losing weight over the last few weeks of vacation - I hardly ate, PB'd a lot, etc...and I still came home weighing about what I did when I left. Hopped on the scale this morning, though? I'm finally down to 274! That is officially the lowest weight I can remember being in recent years, and it was the lowest I hit when I did the unhealthy Kimkins diet back in 2008. Soon? I'm going to be smaller than I can remember being in my adulthood! Yippeeeeee!

Another bonus (and I kind of stole this idea from another blogger - amandakiska) - I WEIGH LESS THAN IT SAYS ON MY DRIVER'S LICENSE! When I renewed my driver's license a year ago, I listed "275," knowing that even standing naked on the lightest scale wouldn't put me at 275. At that time? I wasn't weighing myself regularly, but I know I was well over 300 pounds then. Today? At 274? I'm THINNER than my license says! How often does THAT happen? I look forward to every pound I lose, but they're a little more sweet now knowing that each pound I lose puts me that much more under my driver's license weight :).


  1. Thanks for the shout and GREAT job on weighing less than your license says you do!

    I had an unfill once and I know when it gets to that point it is pure MISERY. I hope you get to feeling better!

  2. OMG girl! I know what you mean. I was 355 and now I'm at 283 and I can't believe it! For some people they would read this and say, "WTH you are still a buffarillo" but WE know where we have been and how much better we feel now and not to mention and fabulous we look! ;) One day at a time and we will make it to where we need to be. This is a journey and everyday comes with changes. I had my band too tight a few months ago and I didn't lose either. They told me they were shocked that I didn't actually gain. What? Eating virtually nothing and PBing all the time and I would gain? Yep. Body goes into survival mode. Alarms go off and the vault of weight loss slams shut! Don't ya hate the chest pains. UGH. If everyone only knew how hard this is. The next person that says to me that I "had help" or took the "easy road" I may just assault them! Way to go girly, we are makign it happen!