Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is my doctor a quack?

For any newcomers, when I go get a fill, I'm heading to a satellite office in my town. Various doctors come on Wed, Thurs and Sat to do fills and check-ups with other LapBand patients. Today I finally saw a doctor I'd seen several times before, whereas the last two times I went I saw newbie doctors. The conversation today started like this...

Doc: So why did you get an unfill?

Me: Because I was too tight and couldn't get any food down.

Doc: Why did you think you were too tight?

Me: Because at 9cc, I was throwing up everything I ate.

Doc: Were you able to get liquids down?

Me: Yeah - beverages, smoothies, etc. no problem - food was the problem.

Doc: Then you weren't too tight - you just weren't taking small bites.

WHAT?! Seriously?! I lived through hell for over a month of barely being able to eat anything with more substance than yogurt because my bites were too big? I swear - I took small bites and chewed, chewed, chewed. I lost virtually no weight in that time frame and instantly went to the office when I got back for an unfill back to 8cc. This doctor today assured me that it was LapBand user error (me) and that 9cc sounds like where I should be at. Ugh.

THE PLAN: Today I was filled up to 8.5cc. He advised the 24 hours of liquids post-fill (normal), and then rescheduled me for two weeks from now (he is in the office every other Wednesday). He says he's taking me back to 9cc at that visit.

I'm skeered. How small are these freakin' bites of food supposed to be?!? Is my doctor crazy?! Veteran bandsters unite...and give me some advice!


  1. I'm still new to this whole banding thing (and a relatively new follower to your blog!) so take this with the required grain of salt: My nutritionist said that our bites should be about the size of a... wait for it.... pencil ERASER. Yes, she said a pencil eraser. I can't even fathom that!

  2. PENCIL ERASER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sounds like the doctor wasn't listening to the patient. Can you refuse the fill if he wants to add more and you aren't?

  4. Your doctor IS crazy and an ASS. We did not sign up to be bulemic. You can definately be too tight that solids present a problem no matter how much you chew. Maybe your doctor doesn't know the difference between a solid and a liquid.

  5. Go read my post today, because when I couldn't even keep applesauce down, I knew I was in trouble. It didn't matter how much I chewed, solids were not going down. Had a small 0.15 cc un-fill and feel a bit better. I now have about 4.4 cc in a 10 cc band. Everyone is different and your doc should know that. If you still can't get more than liquids in don't be afraid to get an un-fill. Because food is good.

  6. Thanks guys - sorry to kagead and Nella, I just don't foresee living my life as a pencil eraser eater. AM? Yes, I can choose my level of fill (I chose today's 8.5cc)...if I'm not comfortable going up to 9cc at the next visit, I won't.

    Amanda? You're awesome :).

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  8. Pencil eraser??!?!!? I will spend my morning eating my 3 egg whites and my afternoons eating my 3 oz of salmon. How in the world will I get anything else done?

  9. LOL - thanks for the clarification kagead (didn't show up here, but it showed up in my e-mail!). Kerri - I'm with ya. I'll just start taking it a little slower, but I'm not down for a life of pencil eraser eating.

  10. I've heard/read the whole pencil eraser bite size thing too and can't wrap my head around it....

    as for the doc's attitude.... YOU need to feel comfortable with your doctor. this is a lifelong journey and I sure as hell need to have someone on my team who listens to me and who i feel i can trust. This doesn't sound the case with this guy.

    I haven't been banded yet, but i have read a lot of books and blogs on banding and one thing that's obvious is EVERYBODY is different. He can't possibly dictate how much you should be at.... only YOU can determine where your comfort zone lies.

    Since there are other docs, I'd call and let whoever's doing the bookings know that you'd rather not have him and insist on being scheduled on a time and day that another doc is in clinic.

    that's my 2cents plus some :)