Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm the champion!!!

Okay, maybe not quite yet...but I just finished Week 2 Day 1 of C25K and I feel so energized! I kicked that run's ASS, and still have two more to go (Tues and Thurs) before progressing to Week 3...which, admittedly, scares me a little. I'm glad to have a buddy like The Shrinking Rini who's also doing C25K...she's a week ahead of me in the workout regimen, but it's nice to save someone ahead of me who's ALSO kicking C25K's ass! Gives me motivation to keep it up! Nothing like a stranger from the internet as your motivation, right? Hell...that's why we're all friends - reading each others' blogs, learning tips and tricks to the LapBand and healthy living. Whenever I find myself lacking motivation or just have an overall "this sucks" moment, I definitely turn to your blogs to read for my own inspiration and courage to continue!

I've been blessed to have so many supportive people in my life. I am very open about the fact that I've had surgery, and yet no one questions why I haven't lost more (to fulfill some weird perception that people may have due to gastric bypass patients losing so much, so quickly). When I choose healthier foods, reduce portion sizes, pass on the carbonated drinks, opt to do a C25K training when I've been the proverbial couch potato my entire life...NO ONE in my life questions me. Instead, I've found motivation in every corner of my life - fellow bloggers, my boyfriend, my bestie/roommate, my friends, family...everyone is 100% supportive. I read stories of those of you who don't have the amazing support that I do - what a shame that is! Surely there are people behind my back criticizing me, right? Yeah...I don't care so much. I know what I'm doing is right for me, and the result I'm seeing so far - not only in weight loss, but in the HEALTHIER LIFE I'm living - is the greatest gift I could give myself as I approach age 30 in just over a month.

So for now? I'm a bona fide champion! I've had the LapBand about 6 and a half months, am just fractions of a pound away from losing 20% of my original body weight and leaving the "Morbidly Obese" BMI category, I drink more water than ever before, my Diet Coke addiction has been gone since 2010 began, my ideal snack nowadays is some crackers and salsa, I'm officially 1/3 of the way through Week 2 of C25K...seriously, this is the healthiest I've been in my adulthood - and it feels SO GOOD!

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