Wednesday, July 21, 2010

C25K...and moving?

Yesterday was quite the interesting day - I've been applying to jobs on the East Coast (ish) in the hope of being hired to work as a staff member for an education association, and to move closer to my boyfriend in West Virginia! While it's a tough decision to leave behind my teaching career, the FFA program and students I've built and become close with, the colleagues I have here throughout California in our teachers association...I know that if I can continue to advance my career AND be with the one I love, that has to take priority in life.

After waiting over a week to hear from Kentucky, where I applied for two jobs, I finally decide to e-mail the two contacts to see what was going on. Lo and behold, one wanted to schedule a phone interview immediately (haven't heard from the other one)! I rocked an hour phone interview yesterday and am now anxiously awaiting Friday to arrive to find out if I'm a finalist for the job...which would lead to an interview next Tuesday with a group of decision makers...keep your fingers crossed for me!

On the weight loss front, I've been sincerely frustrated for two months. Since being at 9cc on May 29th made my weight loss stall due to not eating, the unfill I got a couple of weeks ago when I got home back to 8cc has allowed me to eat like a horse...and, on occasion, I have. As a result, my weight loss is...ugh...less than desirable. I'll be heading to my doctor's office in a hour for another fill - I'm thinking 8.5cc? I just want to be at that "sweet spot," and knowing that I've been there and beyond is torturous because I KNOW I'm close! Here's hoping that 8.5cc will give me the relief and weight loss I've been trying to find for two months!

In other news, yesterday was TUESDAY - if you read the last blog, you know that I had picked Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for my C25K (Couch to 5K) workout days. I lacked all motivation for this yesterday, as the phone interview and prospect of actually picking up all of my stuff within a few weeks and hauling across country, leaving everything familiar and stable behind, loomed in my brain. BUT, I finally got off my ass and went to the gym to do my W1D2 (Week 1, Day 2) workout on the treadmill. My mind wasn't in the game, but I had downloaded a neat podcast to help me keep track of the walking/jogging intervals - and I did it! The first few jogging intervals seemed to pass quickly, but I sure was ready to be done when my workout ended! I look forward to continuing with this - I quit too easily on myself when it comes to working out, and I tend to make excuses that, in hindsight, make no sense. Day 3 is tomorrow - let's do this!

OH - and I really am amazed at how the body works. After my workout last night I came home to take a shower...even after toweling off, I still felt beads of sweat dripping down my forehead (it wasn't water from the shower, I know). My boyfriend was explaining that, even though I cooled down with a nice shower, my body's core temperature was still pumping...enough to make me continue sweating. I just find that so WEIRD.


  1. Crossing my fingers for a successful job interview! Nothing is sweeter than seeing the sweat! Makes you want more! It gets addicting!

  2. Good luck with the job interview! How exciting! I know what you mean about the sweating. My hubby and I were stationed in Guam and when I'd go walking in the morning I would come home just dripping sweat. I'd take a COLD shower but it would still be a few hours later before I actually felt cooled down. It feels good to know that I've worked hard enough to sweat but I HATE sweating, it's so gross!

  3. Hey gal, email me and let me know where you applied in Kentucky. Probably Pike County? I am "from" the next county over but I live in Big Stone Gap, Virginia now. Drop me a line, maybe we can meet for lunch once you get moved out here!