Thursday, July 8, 2010

1cc Gone...

Let me start with the positive - I had a WONDERFUL vacation with my love at his home in West Virginia, and a blast at the National Education Association's Representative Assembly in New Orleans, Louisiana (and down time there with my love, too!). If you want to see the obligatory vacation pictures, you'll have to add me to Facebook - I'm finally home and realizing that I haven't had much time for blogging, so here's a quick update....

The negative - foods suck. Seriously. I've been so tight (read last post) that food has been unbearable. I drove straight to the doctor's office when I got back into town today and had a full 1cc removed from the 9cc I had, taking me back to the 8cc I had previous to the last fill. The doctor advised me to stay on liquids for the next two days so that the swelling from all my PBing/vomiting can heal...I just want to be able to EAT after these two days of healing!

I was a little leery of having the full cc taken out that was added a month ago - at 8cc's my portions were controlled and I was losing weight, but I was HUNGRY most of the day. I physically couldn't eat enough to satiate my hunger. But, at 9cc's, which I pushed for at my last visit prior to vacation, my band has been TOO full and I can't even manage a couple of small, well chewed bites without PBing. Ugh. So, I'm back to 8cc. We'll see what that does to/for me...I have another appointment scheduled in 3 weeks, but I may head back quicker if I find that 8cc's still leaves me hungry and able to eat larger portions. I'm a little scared that after not eating for weeks because of a "too tight" band, I'm going to gorge out if this unfill opens me up!

One day at a time...


  1. hopefully you're at a better place with 8cc's this time round. sounds like such a trial trying to reach just the right amount!

  2. I hear ya on being too tight! I just had 1cc taken out today and I am feeling so much better. Hope it goes well for you.

  3. Thanks guys! This broccoli and white cheddar cheese soup is SO delish...I may actually get to eat a whole bowl of it! It's nice being able to eat something without immediately getting chest pains :)