Thursday, July 15, 2010


I just discovered a friend's blog about him taking his weight loss on (without surgery) - as a cycling enthusiast, his goal is to lose the size of Lance Armstrong...catchy! While reading through his older posts, I discovered his plan of weight loss - he set mini goals, just like the Grand Tour of Tour de France, each tour representing 10% of his weight loss. As rational as that sounds, I hadn't thought of my weight loss at all that way. There were no "mini-goals" when I set out on this path of LapBand living, although I celebrated getting below 300 pounds, hitting the 50 pound loss mark, etc. I decided to apply his approach to my weight loss, calculating the goals in percentage of body weight, all based on my original weight of 338.2:

Starting Weight: 338.2
10% Loss: 304.3 - achieved on March 14, 2010
20% Loss: 270.6 - almost there!
30% Loss: 236.7
40% Loss: 202.9
Goal of 47% Loss: 180

It's surreal to realize two things with this:

(1) My goal is to lose nearly 50% of my starting weight. Yeesh - I was fat!
(2) I've currently lost 19.3% of my starting weight...WOW! Almost a fifth of the person I started out to be is GONE...forever, I might add (and it only took 6 and a half months!!).

When pictured this way, I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with myself...and stoked to see how this journey progresses!

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  1. Damn Joia! You should be super impressed with yourself! I know I am. And by the way...I'm your follower too.