Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Despite all of the great times I've been having with my boyfriend while spending time in West Virginia with him, a teeny, tiny bit of me wishes I was home for 20 minutes. I'd rush over to my LapBand doc's office and get a teeny, tiny unfill...man! Going up to 9cc at my last fill has truly kicked my ass. I PB almost daily (some days more than once), foods in general aren't kind to me, and my weight is maintaining because I'm not getting enough calories in. I finally managed to eat several meals yesterday without PBing, but they took a LONG time to get down and were accompanied by chest pains, standing up to walk, etc. This is ridiculous! I keep joking that I didn't sign up for weight loss by bulimia, and I know that this constant PBing can cause my band to slip...but there's nothing I can do about it!

I head out to New Orleans, Louisiana tomorrow for the week-long National Education Association's Representative Assembly...while there's terrific food in "NOLA," I'm sure I won't be eating much of anything if the last couple of weeks have been any indication. I feel like I'm trapped in my post-surgery time...sticking to mushies and liquids in the hope that I can ingest SOMETHING that my LapBand won't reject. At any rate, it's going to be another couple of weeks before I can get home and see a doctor to take out some of this fill (I was at 8cc prior to this last fill and only PB'd from user error - I think I need to be at 8.5cc instead of the 9cc I'm at now). In a word, though? Miserable. I'm not SO tight that I can't drink liquids, and there are days when food goes down better than others...but this is NOT how I want to be living my daily life.

I suppose I could tolerate all the chest tightness, sliming, PBing, etc. if I were losing weight...but, no. This morning was the first time in the last two weeks of being here that I've seen any weight loss, and I'm attributing it to the fact that I DID eat so much yesterday...must be that my body is starving for calories. Awesome.

Wish me luck in NOLA and with continuing to try to eat! None of the usual tricks to open my band up are helping...and water is even a touch painful to drink in the morning (just had a gulp, felt some tightness as it passed through my digestive system, and remembered to come blog about it!). Oh well. I will survive until I can get back home to a doctor!


  1. Too tight is no fun. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. It especially sucks that you aren't losing weight in exchange for your misery. A full cc fill seems really agressive with as much as you have in your band. I'm frankly shocked they would have given you that much.

  2. Stick to the mushies and soft foods. You need the nurients! The Vivanno smoothies at Starbucks are packed with proteins! I feel your pain...up here in BANDLAND! One day at a time, you will work thru it!

    Have a blast!

  3. @amanda - I know! My boyfriend suggested a 1/2cc at the time, but my doctor suggested 1 and I went with it. Should have listened to my boyfriend! (Don't let him read that...lol)

    @nella - thank you! I'm trying to survive...today was another poor eating day. Only ate about 1/8c. of oatmeal and barely managed 3 chicken breast tenders (small pieces of chicken) over an hour. Ugh.

  4. do you think your doc could recommend another doc near where you are or going to be so you don't have to suffer like this for three more weeks?! In addition to the obvious discomfort, it can't be healthy to be taking in so few calories and nutrients.