Thursday, June 3, 2010

Restriction? Ouch!

This week has been interesting - not only because of the insanity that comes with closing the school year and ratifying the contract my bargaining team finally settled on last Friday with our school district, but also because that 1cc of fill I got on Saturday has been kicking my ass! I now eat very little and have to really choose foods that are good for me. I used to stop and grab a Jr. Cheeseburger at a fast food place if I was starving...I can't even eat them anymore (yay!). I stopped with my bestie yesterday and got a chicken sandwich...nope. Can't do that either. I've bought and given away plenty of food this week - and I'm okay with that! 3 french fries did me in the other day...woo hoo!

The resolution? I've been trying to start my days with oatmeal as the doctor suggested (although I woke up WAY too late the last two days to do it). My oatmeal this morning? I got less than half of the bowl down...and there isn't much oatmeal to start with in those lil' Quaker Oat packs. Oh well! Bestie and I went grocery shopping yesterday and I filled up on fruits, veggies, chicken, hummus, pita, etc...had a delicious "dinner" last night of some pita bread and hummus (yum!). Also took all of the grapes and strawberries I bought, put them in little snack sized bags (cut the tops of the strawberries so everything was edible), and threw all the baggies in the freezer. They'll be easy snacks to take with me on the go, and will last me throughout the day! I also baked 4 chicken breasts last night after dry rubbing them with some Mesquite BBQ seasoning...after they cooled, I chopped them up into bite sized pieces and stored those in containers in the fridge. I filled up a baggie full of those, too, to take with me today. The resolution is that I can NOT leave myself with no food/options when I'm out on long work days (which still happen even though the school year is over - nature of my specific job). I'm packing up a lunch box today with a fruit bag, baggie of chicken, yogurt and an ice pack. I'll have PLENTY of food to keep me satisfied until I get home tonight. How insane is it that THAT is plenty of food?! Stopping at fast food is not an option for me anymore - I can't get down anything on the menu - and living off of Starbucks and smoothies isn't healthy for me, even if I DO enjoy getting those items through the band :).

Here's to a happy last day of school and a healthier me!!


  1. Good for you for planning. I find that is my hardest thing to do is plan for my lunches at work. And it is funny how little I now have to take for the day. I find Oatmeal doesn't keep me full for the morning but can still eat eggs, cheese and ham, my staple. Keep well.

  2. Seems like you are organized. Good for you. I will have to work on that. I do a lot of planning but follow through is sometimes difficult. You are doing well. I am taking some notes. Keep up the good work.