Monday, June 14, 2010

All's well...and vacation starts tomorrow!

It was an interesting weekend of eating in Los Angeles following the port ripping horror of Thursday night. Friday? I was able to get food down no problem - I started to worry that I had torn the tube from the port to the band loose and had lost all restriction. I didn't overeat, but the fact that I got down the food I did without problem scared me. But, my band was ready for revenge on Saturday...

Breakfast - Ordered a berry parfait - ate a little over half of it and was done.
Lunch - Got a plate of food from the Mexican buffet we had - a couple bites of refried beans (freakin' refried beans!), I was done.
Dinner - Went to a celebratory steak dinner with my colleagues...the entire meal consisted of a few bites of bread with butter, a couple spoonfuls of soup and a sliver of steak...I was in and out of the bathroom six times PBing it all up...ugh! I did get to smell the apple pie leftovers my friends had. From what they tell me, the meal was super delicious and worth every penny we paid. My leftovers went with a friend - no way was I going to get any of that filet mignon down, obviously.

Sunday wasn't much better. I had a tiny bit of oatmeal for breakfast with no problem, but lunch wasn't going to go down...ended up using my lunch break to walk off the chest pain and didn't have to PB at all (yay!). I ended the day STARVING and stopped for a milkshake on my drive home. At that point? I just needed some freakin' calories in my body. I got home and had a bowl of Tuscany Vegetable Soup (yum!) with no problems...ugh.

Bottom line? I don't want to be at the point where I'm eating and having chest pains, PBing, etc. All of that is bad for me and certainly bad for Ms. LB, my band. If the satellite office here in town for my doctor was open today, I'd consider getting a slight unfill. But, it's not, so I'll have to pack and get movin' on with my three week vacation and pay attention to my body.

On the positive side? Screwdrivers go down just fine...bring on vacation!


  1. "screwdrivers go down just fine" LMAO!!

  2. Happy to Hear all is well!
    Have a blast on your vacay and have a few screwdrivers!

  3. I got my bad in the beginning of November 2009, I have a 14cc band with 8.5cc. I've list 70 lbs. I am holding about the same amount of food you are right now! UGH. Between the chest pains and the bathroom runs, I dread meals right now. I just got a fill last Monday so I am hoping it will lighten up in a few days! You're doing great!!!