Monday, May 24, 2010

For Jennifer...

My little sister Jennifer graduated from college this weekend - CONGRATULATIONS! It's been a couple of weeks of absolute CHAOS in my life, hence the lack of blog posting. While in Reno, NV visiting family this past weekend and to attend Jennifer's graduation, she mentioned that my blog is the home page of her phone...and she's tired of seeing the "50 pounds gone" post I did two weeks ago! Okay,'s a new blog! I love you!

Not much to report, though. With the chaos of the last two weeks, weight loss has been at a virtual standstill. I've been eating what I can, when I can...which means protein shakes have only been consumed when I've consciously thought about them and the food choices I've made were less than stellar. BUT, all of the big events are now over for this school year and there are only eight days of school left!! YAY! Soon I will have more than enough time to myself in order to focus on me again and get into a workout regimen. YAY! Although, I will admit that I'm proud of myself for something I did last Thursday...I sing on a karaoke website and had to learn an Evanescence song for the final round of a contest I was in. After downloading the song onto my MP3 player, I popped in my headphones and went for some treadmill time while I listened to the song incessantly, hoping to learn it.

:::I RAN ON THE TREADMILL.::: True story! Granted, most of the time there was spent WALKING on the treadmill, but I actually did a sprint toward the end for a good minute! I couldn't believe it! I felt like I was on "The Biggest Loser" and running with Jillian Michaels screaming at me not to get!

So I've lost only 2 pounds in 2 weeks...while LapBand doctors will tell you that 1-2 pounds per week is a good average, I still feel like I have work to do...a pound a week is NOT a good average for me.

OOOO - another NSV (non-scale victory)?? On Saturday I went to David's Bridal to get fitted for the maid of honor dress I'm wearing in Jennifer's wedding in August. Knowing that it was silly to get measured for a body I won't have in two months, I decided just to try on my current size (24) and see how it fit...then guesstimate a dress size for them to order me. The 24? TOO BIG. Are you kidding me?! WOW! I ordered a size 20 dress and am confident it will be too big for me in August, but the alternative of ordering a dress too small wouldn't be good since I won't have time to get it altered by the time it comes in. Crazy! To think of me being out of the 20's soon...WOW!

Okay, that should be enough blog to tide Jennifer...and all of you...over for a bit :). I have a few, busy days ahead of me as we close out the school year, but I see the light!

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  1. Congrats to your sis and yeah for school being out in 8 days! That is awesome on the dress size!