Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things I'm Not Doing Right (according to my doctor)...

I DID end up getting a fill today: after draining the entire band to verify that I had the full 8cc in there I was charted to have, the doc added 1cc more to make a total of 9cc in my 14cc band. I was worried about putting any more fill in and being too tight, but today's been great so far! I treated myself to a frappuccino, had some Spaghetti-O's for lunch (omg yum!) and am having some orange juice now. Not the most nutritional day, for sure, but I splurged because I'm not supposed to eat anything with much substance until 24 hours after my fill. Doc and I had a long conversation about the way I eat before he gave me the fill, because I was waffling back and forth about getting any fill (read my last post). So here are all the things my doctor said I'm not doing right:

1 - Drink water. Yeah, I know I'm supposed to, but I'm not drinking the recommended 64oz. a day. Not only does it help with my skin elasticity as I lose weight, but he said it also helps to metabolize fat. Hmm. Whether or not he's right, more water won't hurt me!

2 - Eat breakfast. I told him that I usually have just a protein shake for breakfast, and he told me that's absolutely not acceptable. He explained that protein shakes are to be a supplement to my diet, not in place of a meal. He suggested I eat my three square meals (breakfast should be something like oatmeal to kick start my metabolism and brain activity for the day), a snack, and protein shakes/water in between meals. Let's see if I can do it!

3 - Eat fruit - at least one serving a day. I totally don't. It's not that I don't like fruit, I just plan horribly when I work my 14 hour days. Luckily, summer and much more free time are coming way - focus on Joia time, eh?

The doctor suggested that the reason my brain is having such difficulty adjusting to the new capacities of my LapBand stomach are because it's not conditioned. He suggests eating the same foods every day for at least a month, for every meal, to train my brain that the quantity I eat is enough. It's an interesting theory, but with a 3 week vacation coming up, it's not going to happen most likely. I will begin focusing more on my diet, though, and starting to increase my exercise level. All in all, an interesting conversation, and a reminder that my vomiting/sliming issues are my fault (which I knew).

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm hungry.

It's time for another appointment with the doctor on Saturday, and I'm in the same boat I was 4 weeks ago at my last appointment - fill or no fill? Last time, I met with my favorite doctor and he decided that since I'm losing weight, I don't need a fill. He sent me on my way for the first non-fill appointment I've had. But, I feel the same as I did then and have a different doctor this Saturday. Let me tell you how I'm feeling, then help me decide if I should push for a fill or not:

1. I'm always hungry. ALWAYS. A protein shake for breakfast only satiates me for 30 minutes, max.

2. I'm losing weight - after the chaos of my May activities, I'm back to sleeping more, drinking my protein, etc....and I'm down about 4 pounds already this week. That's great weight loss. Overall, I've done well in the 4 weeks since my last fill. I don't know what I weighed then because my FitDay calculation program died with my last computer. I'll either buy the new program tonight or check out their free online version of the program because I miss tracking weight loss over time. At any rate, I'm losing weight, so that's not the issue.

3. I'm scared to eat - that's probably why I lose weight. Foods still get stuck (I'm at 8cc in a 14cc band right now) if I don't chew properly, eat slowly, etc. On the other hand, when I eat like I'm SUPPOSED to (right method, right foods), I do fine. But, I still haven't broken the brain's old habit of eating, and I find myself throwing up from time to time (Monday was the last time) because my brain wants to stuff my face while my LapBand tiny tummy can't handle it. I choose to say "no" to a lot of foods because I don't want them to get stuck - in all honesty, the foods I say "no" to are things I should say no to anyway (chips, thick breads, etc.)...maybe it's not a bad thing?

Put it all together, and I think I DO need another fill. I'm only losing weight because I'm consciously making the choice to eat less. Like I said in #1 (and in the title of this post), I'm ALWAYS hungry. I finally went to bed last night because my stomach hurt so bad from hunger...but, of course, I've trained myself not to eat late at night (Daris on Biggest Loser had that problem this season...).

My weight loss is great, but it's at the expense of me being hungry. And when I'm ravishingly hungry? I CAN'T stuff my face with anything because of my new stomach me, I've tried...only to throw it back up because I don't focus on my eating. Shouldn't I not be starving all the time with a LapBand? Wasn't that one of the appeals? Hmm. What do you guys think?

Monday, May 24, 2010

For Jennifer...

My little sister Jennifer graduated from college this weekend - CONGRATULATIONS! It's been a couple of weeks of absolute CHAOS in my life, hence the lack of blog posting. While in Reno, NV visiting family this past weekend and to attend Jennifer's graduation, she mentioned that my blog is the home page of her phone...and she's tired of seeing the "50 pounds gone" post I did two weeks ago! Okay,'s a new blog! I love you!

Not much to report, though. With the chaos of the last two weeks, weight loss has been at a virtual standstill. I've been eating what I can, when I can...which means protein shakes have only been consumed when I've consciously thought about them and the food choices I've made were less than stellar. BUT, all of the big events are now over for this school year and there are only eight days of school left!! YAY! Soon I will have more than enough time to myself in order to focus on me again and get into a workout regimen. YAY! Although, I will admit that I'm proud of myself for something I did last Thursday...I sing on a karaoke website and had to learn an Evanescence song for the final round of a contest I was in. After downloading the song onto my MP3 player, I popped in my headphones and went for some treadmill time while I listened to the song incessantly, hoping to learn it.

:::I RAN ON THE TREADMILL.::: True story! Granted, most of the time there was spent WALKING on the treadmill, but I actually did a sprint toward the end for a good minute! I couldn't believe it! I felt like I was on "The Biggest Loser" and running with Jillian Michaels screaming at me not to get!

So I've lost only 2 pounds in 2 weeks...while LapBand doctors will tell you that 1-2 pounds per week is a good average, I still feel like I have work to do...a pound a week is NOT a good average for me.

OOOO - another NSV (non-scale victory)?? On Saturday I went to David's Bridal to get fitted for the maid of honor dress I'm wearing in Jennifer's wedding in August. Knowing that it was silly to get measured for a body I won't have in two months, I decided just to try on my current size (24) and see how it fit...then guesstimate a dress size for them to order me. The 24? TOO BIG. Are you kidding me?! WOW! I ordered a size 20 dress and am confident it will be too big for me in August, but the alternative of ordering a dress too small wouldn't be good since I won't have time to get it altered by the time it comes in. Crazy! To think of me being out of the 20's soon...WOW!

Okay, that should be enough blog to tide Jennifer...and all of you...over for a bit :). I have a few, busy days ahead of me as we close out the school year, but I see the light!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was online earlier this morning thinking to myself how awesome it would be to FINALLY hit the 50 pound loss today, my boyfriend's birthday...but doubted the scale would be nice to hasn't been lately, regardless of the fact that I've been dancing really close to that 50 pound loss for a week and a half or so...



OMG! I step on the scale today to see a 1.4 pound loss since YESTERDAY! Not only did I get the last pound I needed, I smashed the goal by another almost half a pound!! That's right kids...I am now 50.4 pounds lighter than the girl I was at the beginning of 2010.

What does this mean?

1. My clothes are, so loose I'm getting sick of wearing them. I get a bonus in about a week from my job, so it's time to go SHOPPING!! I'm not going to splurge on a ton of clothes since those, too, will soon be too big for me, but I'd really like to own some clothes that fit the size I am now...whatever that is :). Can't wait to find out!

2. I did this in a little over 4 months. HOLY CRAP! If I keep losing like this, Imma be a skinny bitch in no time!

3. I can now say "I've lost a little over 50 pounds" when people ask me how much I've lost. :::yippee:::

4. My next goal is 75 pounds lost - 75 FREAKIN' POUNDS! WOW!

5. You're jealous of me. (Heheh...okay, maybe not...but former Joia at 338.2 pounds is jealous of the Joia who's 287.8 today!)

The lightest weight I can remember being in the past 5 years is 274...that was back in the heyday of the Kimkins diet fad for me (go back to my first post). I weighed 274 in September of...2007? I can't wait for the time when I can smash that weight too - it's only 14 pounds away now!

Needless to say? I'm a happy girl.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Still not at my 50 pound loss...

Checked in on the scale this morning to see me down to a 49 pound loss...lowest I've been since this has started, but I'm still saying "almost 50" to those who ask how my weight loss is progressing. It's alright - I'll get there! I still think my ability to lose 49 pounds since starting the pre-op diet on December 31, 2009 is an amazing feat - it's definitely one I don't take lately! According to my FitDay program, I'm losing an average of 2.64 pounds a week. Heck, if I can keep up that average, I'll be a skinny, and more healthy, bitch in no time! :)

I've got exactly one week left of chaos in my life before all of the big events of the school year are over! It'll be a busy week, but I'm looking forward to the 17th being here and gone so that I can fully relax and celebrate the remaining 12 days of school to's easy sailing from there! But, with a 2,000+ participant "Day of the Teacher" celebration, 2010-2011 FFA Officer Elections and my annual FFA Awards banquet left to go over the next week, I hope you can tolerate the fact that I (a) don't blog often and (b) don't comment often. Summer is soon upon me, and teachers have a lot more time to be online then!

Happy belated Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there! Myself? I'm only a mother to a couple of crazy cats :).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a flat week!

I've played an up and down game with the scale all week, but I'm finally down to 289.8...welcome to the 280's!! YAY! That's only a .2 loss overall since last Friday, but considering I'd been up to as high as 291.something earlier this week, I'm quite stoked to finally say hello to the 280's! Tomorrow is the four month mark since my LapBand surgery, and I'm excited what the official weight will be!

In other news, I haven't been stuck ONCE this week. Yay for learning my lessons on how to eat :). I even managed to get an entire omelette down while at breakfast with colleagues yesterday! Granted, it took me twice as long to eat as everyone else, but I was happy to get the entire thing down - tons of protein in that!

And in yet other news, the doctor gave me no fill last Saturday. Since I'm losing weight and (was) getting stuck occasionally, he decided my 8cc I already have was just fine. I find it weird, though, that I'm often hungry. I feel like I eat more than I'm supposed to...especially this week (which explains the up and down of the scale). BUT, I go for my next fill appointment on May 29th...we'll see!

Until then? Happy Thursday!