Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Band...what's up?

The last 48 hours have been exhausting with all of the work happenings and going-ons, and then traveling 5 hours round trip to spend a few hours doing some karaoke in Southern California with old friends...I haven't been paying attention to me...UGH. Monday, Ms. LB was non-existent, as I laughed at the quantity and (lack of) quality foods I was able to get down. I went up a pound-ish on the scale yesterday, mad at what I had chosen to eat on Monday. But yesterday? Ms. LB wanted to get me back - I only got down ONE meal that took me an HOUR to eat. No, it wasn't a great food choice, but at least there was protein! As a result, I'm back down again today - total weight loss at 40.8.

But seriously? Why does my band have on and off days? I'm generally tighter in the mornings period (as are most Bandsters), but why are there whole DAYS that are better or worse than others? Anyone else experience this? I'm happy with the downward trend of my weight loss, but it bothers me that I can't eat without a problem every day. It's not certain foods, it's just random days of Ms. LB being pissed off at me and being tight ALL DAY. Any feedback on this?

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