Friday, April 30, 2010

47.6 pounds...SO close!

The goal of 50 in 4 months (including pre-op diet for a week) isn't going to happen. I weighed in at a loss of 47.6 pounds this morning, and I don't foresee 2.4 pounds off by tomorrow morning. But? It's all BBQ sauce over here! Besides, my LapBand surgery was January 7, 2010 - I have another entire week to lose that last 2.4 pounds to reach the goal of 50 pound in 4 months, right? Heck yes!

Besides that, I had a good chat with a fellow Bandster in the LapBandTalk chat room tonight - thanks guitargal! I've been frustrated the past few weeks while I've tried to live with restriction, get on track and eat healthy. I'm losing weight, so that's not the issue. Literally? I'm scared to eat. Most days I get by eating as little as possible, filling up on protein shakes and soups to get through...because that stuck feeling? Sucks. Her advice:

1. EAT SLOWER. If I'm honest with myself, I'm eating too fast - her doctor told her the same thing. Take the chicken breast from the other day that I threw up...the bites were small, I chewed 'em up good, but I was watching TV while eating and didn't realize I was full until I was sick. Verdict: I shoveled the chicken down too fast without letting each bite start the digestion process. So, yeah. I need to work on the whole "eat slower" thing.

2. EAT FRUIT. I asked guitargal what her diet consists of - turns out, we eat a lot of the same foods...except that she snacks on fruits throughout the day (oranges, watermelon, etc.) to help curb hunger cravings and to increase her water intake. Duh. Why don't I have more fruit in my life? Produce department - we have a date tomorrow.

3. JUMPING JACKS...or a "kind punch" to your band! She learned from others that when she has that full/almost stuck feeling? Do one of those actions and the food will start to dissipate...interesting.

The other lesson I learned tonight, even though it wasn't directly from guitargal - I need to be better about reading blogs, writing blogs, reading LBT threads, etc. The things I learn, read and process through my own head all help me rewrite my brain...I have a million "OMG ME TOO!" moments and realize new things about myself every time I read or write. Duh. It's helpful, and I should be doing more of it.

I see the doctor tomorrow morning - pretty doubtful he'll give me any kind of fill, but I'm okay with that, too! I'm eager to get some fruit and start eating slower...and maybe jump a jack or two :).


  1. I just have to say that your post really spoke to me, I know sounds lame but it did! You are doing awesome and I hope that I do as well as you have! Rock on girl!

  2. I just found your blog and wanted to say hi. I am really, really tight right now too. Everything is getting stuck. At this point I'm planning to tough it out. Instead of jumping jacks, I usually walk up the stairs to get things moving along. Check out my blog if you want: