Friday, March 5, 2010

What a difference a day makes!

Strictly logged and counted my calories yesterday...once I hit 1,342 I knew I was done eating for the day, even though I was hungry and wanted nothing more than to hit the Girl Scout Thin Mints in my freezer. I was a good girl, and only drank iced tea the rest of the night. Result? I'm at 308.4 this morning, just .2 pounds shy of the 30 pounds weight loss mark! To continue the good trend, I just took my vitamins, calcium citrate and am finishing up my protein shake (Inspire's Caramel Latte...yum)! So far, it looks to be a better day...I'm off work early today, and I'm starting the day with only 150 calories of intake. Sure beats the Sonic Breakfast Burrito and vitamins I started yesterday with - I had consumed almost 500 calories just at breakfast! Add another 500 for the grilled chicken wrap I got at lunch, and I sure didn't get much "bang" for my calorie buck yesterday! But, with 150 calories down this morning, that leaves me plenty for the rest of the day! Duh. THIS is the program, Joia :).


  1. tracking what you eat is the best way to know what you're doing. I'm really good at it during the week but the weekends are a free for all!

    Congrats on the lost! .2 is .2...hey, the scale moved in the right direction! WOO WOO

  2. Hey, I keep my thin mints in the freezer too!! They are sinful that way, ugh! I'm glad the box is almost gone and that I only bought one. LOL
    A loss is a loss and moving you in the right direction. Great job!