Friday, March 12, 2010

A week of restriction!

What a week it's been...learning to chew, take small bites, and try to EAT food so that my body has food to burn. As the week is ending, I'm learning that I probably do need one more fill to get to that "sweet spot" I hear everyone talk so wonderfully about. In the last couple of days, I've been able to eat bigger portions than I'd been able to at the beginning of the week and have been getting a little hungrier than I should. I ended Thursday night, for example, by eating a can of tuna because I was STARVING...even though I strive not to eat later in the evenings. more fill is scheduled on the 18th, and I can't imagine I'll need anything more than that!

But the WEIRD, BIZARRE, PISS ME OFF thing for the week has been the scale. Oh yes. My body LOVES weighing 305.2 SO MUCH that it's kept me there all week! WTH!? I've been getting calories in my body, I didn't overdo the workouts, I upped my water intake...why are you so resistant to going below 305.2, body? Ms. LB and I are working very hard to make you go much lower than that...keep up!

It wasn't until this afternoon that I finally had a hypothesis about the plateau that made sense. I take a three-month birth control (Seasonique) and had been off of it for a few months pre-op. I started it again a little over a month ago followed by the worst TOM of my life...which ended a little over three weeks ago. This afternoon, while walking around campus running errands, I felt those lil' uterine cramps I get when a period is coming. Nothing painful, just...felt them. That's normal for me pre-TOM. It dawned on me that my body is readjusting to having my period four times a year - having been off BCP for a few months, I had a normal cycle. Conclusion? Whether or not I get a period soon, my body *thinks* it's time...and, as a result, it's doing all the water retaining and whatnot that comes along with it. Someone tell me I'm making sense...cuz I'd really like to see a huge blast of weight come off any day now. 305.2 was exciting when I hit it, but it's getting old now...


  1. you should hit the weightloss hard soon!
    it will fall off before you know it. Im so jealous of you and your restriction!

  2. Yep, hormones make total sense...and the plateaus will come anyway for no reason. Just keep doing the right things and the WL will come (mine came in 'spurts' at times too).