Friday, March 19, 2010

So close!

Weighed in at 301.4 today...been a slower week, but I suppose that's what happens now that I'm semi-restricted and over the initial "omg I lost 10 pounds this week!" phase. What I'm stoked about, though, is the thought that the 300's are only a pound a half away from never being seen again on my scale! WOW! Today's weight puts me at 36.8 pounds of weight loss since I started on December 31, 2009 with pre-op dieting, and I'm quite happy with that result!

I went for fill #4 yesterday and saw the original doctor I've been using for fills (even though I loved the doctor (Dr. G) I got last time)...he was a bit miffed that the doctor last time didn't agree with how he'd done my fills, nor at the amount of fill that he had given me last time he saw me...haha! I was amused. At any rate, I supposedly now have 8cc in my 14cc band. I say "supposedly" because I liked Dr. G and trusted his expertise when he said I only had 5cc in my band prior to his 2cc fill, even though the original doctor swears I had 6cc. I got 1cc yesterday, long as lame, original doctor didn't REMOVE anything by accident, I'm up to 8cc. I've been on liquids since then (in fact, the only non-liquid I've had since Wednesday night was a protein bar), so I have no idea how restriction is now. I had really good restriction with that 7cc fill last time, but after about a week I could tell that I was able to eat bigger portions again. I vomited a couple of times, but that was user brain was telling my mouth to take bigger bites when I wasn't looking, and out the food came. Even since the 7cc fill I was able to get down any food (bread, eggs, etc.) as long as I took smaller bites.

So...we'll see how far this 8cc fill will take me, and how long it takes me to break the last pound and a half of the 300's! YAY!

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  1. Here comes Twoterville!!! Awesome WL and I hope this fill sticks this time!