Sunday, March 14, 2010

The scale moves - Stuck vs. Full - Losing my Pants

Yup! Down to 303.6 today, the scale is finally moving again...and I'm SO CLOSE to never seeing a "3" start my weight again! Yippee!! I've got two stories to share...

(Just posted this on the LapBandTalk website as a response to a thread asking what the difference between "stuck" and "full" was...)

What I've learned about stuck v. full...

FULL - You feel full, just like you did before the LAP-BAND®. Not like when you were "overfull" from eating far too much in one sitting (double quarter pounder with cheese, supersize fry, 2 apple pies, etc.)...but just full like you know you've had enough to eat. It's not uncomfortable, and if you eat your meals slowly (as we're instructed to do), you'll notice that you get to that "full" state in about 15 minutes of eating. Once the food is cold? Stop're probably full.

STUCK - HELL ON WHEELS! Imagine're a high school teacher and have a 40 minute lunch before your last class of the day (sophomores - Biology), and you're planning to give a lecture for the period which requires you walking around the room and talking about biogeochemical cycles. You didn't bring a lunch, because your restriction from the fill you had two days prior has been pretty awesome...but you find that you're a little hungry. So, you grab the only thing in your classroom to eat - a snack sized bag of Doritos leftover from a BBQ you hosted recently. You eat them, being sure to chew and take small bites...but then you get lost in entering daily attendance and checking e-mail and subconsciously shove a whole chip in your mouth and chewing it up a little before swallowing. Then? The hell comes. You feel like the bony edges of the chip are poking out of your esophagus, causing SHARP pains in your sternum area. You head outside the back door of your classroom to dry/slime vomit three times...eyes watering, you walk around the "back yard," massaging your chest, trying to alleviate the pain. You're 29 years old - this can't be a heart attack. You look at the clock...only a few minutes left before the sophomores come scrambling into the classroom. You tear up, cry, agonize over the pain you're in...the sophomores come in, you can barely speak as the pain continues to subside over the next half an hour. You're done dry/slime vomiting, but the pain is still in control.

THAT is the difference :)

FINAL STORY - I had my first NSV (non-scale victory) yesterday! I have a pair of black gym shorts with an elastic band and, being behind on laundry, I threw them on yesterday before I headed to my apartment complex's little gym to get a workout in. These shorts have always slid on me because of the material they're made out of, but I've never had to worry about losing my pants. As I walk the short distance to the complex gym, I'm noticing that between holding my keys, MP3 player and phone, I'm also having to find a free hand to lift up my shorts...not just every few steps, but constantly...they were bonafide sliding off my ass. I hop on the treadmill, set my speed to 3.5mph and start speed walking...and notice that I'm going to lose my shorts. Every step I took, I could see in the full length mirrors that my see-through black panties (yup, I'm a sexy bish) kept popping up as the shorts were constantly sliding...down, down, down my legs. After a good 60 seconds of yanking my shorts up every few seconds, I finally grabbed a fist full of the shorts material in each hand and held on to each side of the shorts so I could walk without exposing my naughty panties. I get about 20 minutes done on the treadmill, and I'm DONE holding up my shorts. I hopped on the bike for about 10 minutes to try to get some cardio in that wouldn't require shorts holding...but even there, I watched my shorts creep down slightly. 10 minutes done there, I decide to cut my workout short and head back home. Bad news? My workout was cut short. Good news? I found the first item of clothing I cannot wear anymore because it's FAR too big for me...YAY! I suppose I could tie a string or wrap a belt around my elastic band gym shorts...but I think I'll pass :).


  1. congrats! thats fantastic, havin lost so much weight that you cant wear gym pants anymore that is

  2. I can so feel your pain. Had the same experience from a bite of quiche the day after my fill. I couldn't believe the pain. Have been so careful since and am eating soooo slow and chewy so consciously. Great NSV about the shorts. Maybe try some suspenders? LOL.

  3. LOL - that would be an excellent fashion statement, Sandy!

  4. I lost my pants this weekend too! Super embarassing but totally awesome too!! CONGRATS!