Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Restriction, my friend? You rock.

KUDOS to Ms. LB! After Saturday's fill, I finally have restriction! It's bizarre...

SUNDAY (breakfast) - couldn't finish the eggs and cheese I made (read last post)
SUNDAY (lunch) - bought a footlong Subway sandwich...took 15 minutes to get a quarter of it down, and it was rough
SUNDAY (dinner) - ate two bites of ravioli (whole ones) and immediately threw them up. Learned the art of "small bites" and "chew chew chew" in order to get dinner down

MONDAY (breakfast) - yogurt & vitamins
MONDAY (lunch) - more Subway...rough going down again
MONDAY (snack) - Chex Mix, eaten VERY slow
MONDAY (dinner) - 2% Fat Free Velveeta Shells & Cheese

The weirdest experience that I've endured over the past couple days...I'M NOT HUNGRY! EVER! I was just telling my boyfriend that I eat because I look at the clock and realize, "Hey, it's lunch time." I realize that I don't have to eat according to a clock, but if I don't eat at given points of the day, I'd never consume anything! As it is, I'm under 1,000 calories today and still not hungry. I'd been eating roughly 1,300-1,400 a day in order to lose weight...and now I can't even get that much in! To Ms. LB (my band)...you effin' rock for FINALLY doing what the doctors said you would do. I'm okay with you having a hard time with Subway bread, and rejecting the first two, large bites of ravioli...you and I can learn to coexist for the betterment of ME.

I have another fill appointment on the 18th - not sure if I'll get a little, tiny adjustment or not. At only 2 days post-fill, it's too soon to tell if this restriction will stick around...but I'm definitely lovin' it!


  1. YEA for RESTRICTION!!! I have some restriction after my first fill and I couldn't be happier! I can't wait to hit that sweet spot where you are! CONGRATS!!!

  2. Fabulous!! I look forward to those days when I have to really think about eating and not having my body tell me it's starving! I hope it sticks around!

  3. Hooray for restriction and not being hungry!!! Just found your blog and can't wait to see you progress! -BG

    I'm here:

  4. I love the feeling of restriction.. I too just found your blog and you can find me at


  5. Thanks guys! Following the two new people...welcome to me! :)

  6. Your on your way!

    - lisa

  7. I just found you and loved your little avatar--music. Glad you are getting to the sweet spot. Will be back to read your posts. And you are a guy-not many of you out here blogging.

  8. Me again-your profile says male, yet your intro says you are a girl. Too funny. Doesn't matter to me if you are both. Welcome to the blogging world.

  9. LOL! I'm a female, I promise!! Where does it say I'm a male? I'd have some explaining to do to my boyfriend...

  10. I'm sure he'd forgive you, even that level of confusion, kid.