Sunday, March 7, 2010

I think I'm full?

Today is my two month bandiversary, and I'm down a total of 32 pounds - yay! Better than that? I'm finally back on track. February was horrible for me weight loss wise - stressed from work, losing motivation when fills weren't taking me to restriction, sick for a few weeks...I definitely had a slow month. But March is here, my outlook is refreshed and I'm back to doing what I'm supposed to do!

Which brings me to yesterday's's now been 24 hours of liquids, so I scrambled up 3 XL eggs and put 28g (1/3c) of my colby jack reduced fat cheese on top...yum! I normally do a protein shake for breakfast, but Sundays allow me some free time to cook up a "feast!" (And, yes, it's funny to consider some eggs and cheese a feast...) After cooking, I began to eat. Since this is the first meal after a fill, I was extra cautious to chew, chew, chew...not knowing how restricted this fill of 7cc made me. I made sure to put my fork down in between bites, and let the food actually go down my esophagus before I picked up the fork again and took another bite. I've eaten just a little over half of the eggs and cheese, and I'm stuffed. That's a great thing! BUT...we'll see how soon it is before I get hungry again. I'm thinking of heading to Subway for lunch today to see if I can handle bread...I was able to handle the eggs and melted cheese with no problem, and I've read that a lot of people have issues with those foods. At this point? I'm just excited I got full and stopped eating before I finished everything I had cooked. I'm excited to see if fill #3 was the magic one, and excited to be only 6.3 pounds away from never having a "3" start my weight again! "Twoderland" - here I come!


  1. Congratulations - you are doing great!

  2. dcongrats on the good fill!
    I need a good one next fill =(