Saturday, March 6, 2010

"I doubt you have a leak - I think the other doctor was just doing it wrong."

LOL! Very different experience today for fill #3. I had a no-nonsense doctor who laid it out - I would not be getting a numbing shot to start, and he would only be poking the fill needle in ONE time. I'm used to the numbing shot, and then the doctor poking me with the fill needle a few times before he's satisfied with the location of the needle...since I got this surgery done through a group hospital, the doctor I see for fills varies with whoever's stationed in my town on their open days. So, even though the bedside manner on today's doctor could use some work, I liked him! As soon as my shirt was lifted up for port access, he said, "Oh yeah, somebody's poked you too many times," referencing the healing holes (4 maybe?) from the fill I had a week and a half ago. Today's doctor did what he promised - one hole, some pushing to access the port correctly, and in went the saline.

He had me trace the amounts of saline I'd received thus far - I explained to him that there were 2.5cc in my band put in at surgery, I was brought up to 4.5cc at my first fill and 6cc at my second fill. However, this doctor was only able to pull out 5cc after he decided he'd check what the previous doctor did on my last fill. So, he puts in 2cc more, bringing me now to I start to worry about a possible leak in my band. At my second fill, there should have been 4.5cc in the band, but the doctor at that time was only able to pull out after the 2cc injection, I was up to 6cc instead of 6.5cc as we had planned. Then this time? Thinking I had 6cc in my band? This doctor was only able to pull out 5cc...somewhere I've lost 1.5cc of saline in my body over the last couple of fills?

When I asked the doctor today where the rest of the saline has gone, and if I potentially had a leak, he told me he highly doubted it. I'm losing weight, I haven't gotten sick from saline roaming around my body, etc. Again, I liked this doctor today - very straightforward, talked with me about chewing habits, etc. He promised me that when I came for my next fill, I WOULD have 7cc in my band still. And if I didn't? I might have a tiny, tiny leak in my band...which would NOT be a good thing (would mean another surgery to replace the band). But, his closing words to that conversation were "I doubt you have a leak - I think the other doctor was just doing it wrong." Haha! I could tell immediately that he had no respect for the other doctors, since he had witnessed the many holes in my port area upon first inspection. He had made a comment then that, "it shouldn't be done like that. Doctors should find the port first and THEN put the needle in." I told him that seemed I tend to believe this doctor when he says that I don't have leak - his confidence and assertiveness made me believe him.

Next fill's scheduled for March 18th, so we'll see then! Now up to 7cc in a 14cc band...and on liquids for 24 hours. I'm feeling full off of the Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino I treated myself with after the fill (that took me nearly 3 hours to drink), so let's hope I've got some restriction coming my way once I can start eating food again!

And, if not? Life is still good, the scale is still going down, and I'm happily in control of this journey!

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  1. Congrats to you, I know things'll be just fine. Someday, when you're concerned like that? You know you can talk to me, just a reminder, kid.