Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tahoe Joe's Blows.

Now, I realize I won't always be able to accurately account for the calories I consume...the great thing about the software program I use (FitDay) is that I can estimate what I've eaten (sizes, ingredients, etc.) and get a rough idea of what I've eaten. Today I'm not teaching - I'm with the contract negotiations team that I sit on...when it came to lunch time, I suggested we go to a place that didn't have chips and salsa on the table (LOL!). After some thought between the five of us, I agreed that Tahoe Joe's Steakhouse would be good - figured that since they're a brand name, and not a mom and pop cafe, I could easily find their nutrition facts online and enter them into my handy FitDay calculations.

Despite that hunch, I made sure to ask the hostess (who, in turn, asked her manager) if they had printed nutritional values at the restaurant...nope. So, I grab the lunch menu and start floundering for something low-cal I could eat. I even tried googling the restaurants' nutritional value on my T-Mobile G1 Phone to see if I could find information quickly, before the waitress came to take our order, but I found nothing on the main restaurant's site or in google. So, I buckled down and ordered their grilled chicken sandwich dry with only tomato, lettuce and a slice of cheese. Also paid the $1 extra to substitute the cabin fries with a baby green salad with champagne vinaigrette. Overall? It's much lower calorie than what was printed on the menu (the sandwich comes standard with bacon, avocado, mayo, thanks!). I'm just bitter that a chain restaurant like Tahoe Joe's has nutritional information NOWHERE accessible either at the restaurant or online. If anyone can find it, let me know! I'm pretty technologically savvy, so I'm convinced that if I can't find doesn't exist.

On the plus side? I'm getting my first fill TOMORROW! Yeah, it was scheduled for this Saturday at 9am, but after the exhausting last week and a half, I really wanted to see if I could reschedule for the quick break I have in work tomorrow afternoon so that I could sleep in on Saturday...and I got it! 2pm tomorrow? Gettin' me some saline! WOOT! I'm sure I'll post tomorrow night after the experience of the fill!

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  1. I asked Tahoe Joes about their nutritional value and apparently only restaurants with "X" amount of locations have to have the nutritional values tested and printed. Tahoe Joes apparently is under the required mark so they didn't bother with it. Apparently it is a large expense to have the food checked for accurate nutritional values.