Sunday, February 7, 2010

Surgery Monthiversary!

It's been one month since my LapBand was installed into my belly...incisions are fully closed, I've had my first fill, and I'm feeling great! I'm excited to watch my weight loss, although I admit that I get more eager at times, wishing the scale would move faster! I'm down a total of 21.8 pounds in 2010, and I'm quite happy with that number! I know my average weight loss of 4 pounds a week won't be a constant, but it's nice to see the scale continuing to go down for the most part. I know, I know...weighing once a day makes me a scale-a-holic, but it also keeps me motivated! I'm still keeping my calories between 1200-1400 and not working out at this point...that seems to make the weight go down. When I stall, I'll add some workout into my routine. But, it seems silly that when I was working out, I was stalling! For now? It's about eating right and watching the weight fall off without exercise. I suppose I *could* increase my calories and workout on top of that, but getting the exact body chemistry down will take another few days and I HATE stalling, even for a few days! LOL! For now, I know I'm doing what I'm supposed to, and life is good a month post-op!

My friends are already noticing the weight loss - primarily because I lose it in my face first. I was told yesterday that my face was "tiny!" clothes are still fitting, for the most part, so I'm wondering where this almost 22 pounds came from that I've lost? I KNOW my face is thinner, but I doubt I had 22 pounds of extra weight on my face! Oh well, maybe my clothes are looser and I'm not realizing it? I told my boyfriend last night that when I do some clothes shopping for Spring Break, I want to buy smaller clothes than the size I'd buy now (if I were shopping). He's sure I will be :).


  1. Hey, Congrats on your weightloss! thats a really good first month loss!
    I found you on the Lap-Band Forums.
    I think that maybe alot of it may be internal weightloss, your loosing the fat that is around your organs and the excess fluids. or maybe its around your legs alot and so its harder to loose. Anyway the scales dont lie! and you will soon be seeing it in your clothes.

  2. Happy Monthiversary! You're doing great.