Sunday, February 28, 2010

Still no restriction.

Now up to 6cc in a 14cc band and restriction. Lemme tell ya, it's frustrating as all get out to know I had surgery almost 2 months ago and the band is not yet doing what it's supposed to be doing. I just ate 3 eggs with 2oz. of tri-tip and 1/4c. of reduced fat colby jack cheese...and had no problems getting it down. I headed over to LapBandTalk for some motivation and reassurance, and it helps. I'm still losing/maintaining, and I have hope that eventually I will get to the magic feelings of restriction that everyone talks about. At my last fill (three days ago), I was frustrated because the doctor's scale weighed me in 11 pounds heavier than my home scale had that morning...ELEVEN POUNDS! Granted, I had consumed a lot of water that morning and was wearing clothes (I'm au natural on my scale), but yeesh! As a result, he said that I had only lost three pounds since my last visit three weeks earlier, and he had expected me to lose four. Blah. It got me a fill, but my case worker had told me to come in earlier than my next scheduled appointment (two weeks this time) if I was still not feeling any restriction. I'll be giving her a call tomorrow to schedule a fill for THIS week instead of next week. I know I'm making better food and life choices now, but I want this band to be working for me too. I'm impatient!

I keep dreading the obvious questions that come to I one of those people the Band won't work for? Have I stretched my pouch? What am I doing wrong? Reading the LapBandTalk threads is helpful because I am constantly reminded of the patience I must have in getting to restriction. I'm lucky that my doctor will allow me to set my own fill schedule, because there are many patients that talk about having to wait 6+ weeks in between fills. I'm eager to learn the LapBand lifestyle after reaching restriction, and I'm especially eager to see the pounds come off! I'm really struggling mentally with all of this...maybe the third fill this week will be the charm? What if I get all the way to 14cc in my 14cc band and STILL have no restriction? Ugh. Okay, enough freaking out for the moment. Patience is a virtue. Time to go think about something the piles of grading I have had sitting on my kitchen table for weeks!


  1. Honey, I have 9cc's in my 14cc band and just NOW have any restriction and i'm 7 months post op. I know we all want it to happen like yesterday, but be patient. You are only 2 months out and doing fantastic. I'm going to sound cliche, but it didnt take 2 months to put it on, so try and be patient. Read some bandsters blogs(like amy) who are a year out and down over 100 lbs, it helps me stay focused. Hugs

  2. You're right Ramona...I get impatient, and the stories I read on LBT and on other blogs *do* keep me focused. I'm down almost 30 pounds in two months - that's nothing to sneeze at! I just get into my moods, which I'm sure we all do on this journey!