Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just. Frustrated.

I'm frustrated because I have no restriction, and my weight has been basically stalled for the entire month of February. No, I haven't been entering food into my FitDay as of late, and I know losing 1-2 pounds a week is normal and healthy, but I feel like I should be losing more! I've had one fill, but I can still eat a normal quantity of food, with beverage, and have no hang-ups with getting stuck, feeling full, etc. I just stop eating and eat again later in the day. I know, I know, this process is a life change...eventually I will have restriction...weight loss takes time...I should be proud of the 25 pounds gone in 2010...blah. I suppose it's just frustrating knowing I had the surgery almost a month and a half ago and I still feel like I never had it done. Second fill is on this Thursday, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping restriction will come! I still check in on the LapBand Talk website I belong to, and am amazed at what restriction actually does to your eating habits, how much people have lost, etc. I guess...I just want that. I want what the LapBand promised. Argh.

Maybe I'm just grumpy after the nausea/pain from my period (read the last post), followed now by a terrible cough/sneeze/cold/flu thing. I'm tired of being sick!

I eat better than I have in my entire life, I take vitamins, I work out, I drink water, I sleep well...WHY am I sick!?

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  1. It really does suck going through surgery and all the stuff you have to do and coming out the other side hungry as ever. I havent got my first fill yet but my doc only does a small first fill to let you know what its like. So it will prob be 3 months till I feel anything. I ate a whole pack of mashed potatoes the other night and less then an hour later I was back in the fridge cause I was hungry. Just wanted you to know you really arent alone!