Monday, February 15, 2010 probably don't want to read this...

Been a week full of "ewws" over in my world, including this morning's sampling of protein shake. Since my grandma turned me on to, I've bought all of my protein powder from there. In my last shipment, I ordered large bags of Caramel Frappe and Peanut Butter Cookie, which are both delicious! I also ordered the sample travel pack which contains all of the varieties in to-go pouches. This morning I was craving something fruity and decided to make the "Pom Razz Sangria." EW! I took one sip, put it down, picked it up to sip again...the smell is atrocious and the taste is UGH. I threw it down the sink and made myself a Caramel Frappe...all is right in the world again. I guess I just don't like Sangria? Never had the alcoholic version, but now I surely won't ever!

Adding to the "ew" week was the myriad of stomach issues I had. Starting last Monday, I was SICK. Cramps, nausea, bad I took Tuesday off of work. After a week of enduring this plus some fun "vomit" from my ass (okay sorry - I know that's gross and probably TMI, but this blog is to help track MY journey!), I finally had time to do some research yesterday...and I'm blaming it all on my Aunt Flo's visit. After getting approved by my doctor at my last fill to start my birth control pills again, I started them the next Sunday...which happened to be the day before all of the "ew" started this week. Despite starting the pill back up, my Aunt Flo was determined to make a visit. I learned, through research, that estrogen is stored in fat cells. Rapid weight loss (as I had in the first month) releases that estrogen, causing your monthly periods to be heavy, harsh and painful. Nausea and diarrhea can all go along with, voila! Mystery solved, but having an answer didn't make the pain and upset stomach go away. However, time's done that. I'm now on Day 4 of the actual period, the flow has slowed down immensely, the cramps are manageable, and the diarrhea has mostly gone away. The weirdest part of all of this for me, and why I couldn't realize sooner what was going on, is that I've NEVER been a cramper/PMSer, and I only have a heavy flow every once in a GREAT while. Add to that the fact that I started taking my birth control again (which I've been off of since November)...I guess I kinda forgot that Aunt Flo might be coming around. I really don't want to make a habit of going through this, but I *do* take a 3-month birth control pill, so I'm hoping that by the time the next period comes around, I'll be losing weight more slowly and this won't be an issue next time.

Of course, having this "ew" session made me retain water and bloat, so weight loss has been a non-issue this week. I AM down to 314.6 this morning, which is the lowest number I've seen on a scale in...I can't remember how long! Hopefully when Aunt Flo finally packs her bags and gets the hell out of my uterus, I'll be back to normal weight loss!

:::sigh::: It really does suck to be a woman sometimes.

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  1. Wow. Learn something everyday! I didn't know that Aunt Flo fact and the estrogen being stored in fat cells.. Good to know for what's to come. Sorry about your 'eww' week! :)