Thursday, February 25, 2010

2nd Fill...hmmm.

Today's fill was a little easier than the first fill I received three weeks ago. I didn't have to do a sit up and clench my muscles, we didn't talk about math 101 to help me figure out how many cc's I had in my band...I made sure to tell both my case worker and doctor about how much food I'm actually able to eat. My case worker (Angela) was shocked to hear that I tolerate ANY food, including bread...apparently that's the one food many of her clients have issues with. Not me! I can tolerate a whole sandwich full of bread, and I have! Heck, yesterday I gave in and bought myself some french fries from Checker's (fast food...mmm). I know, I know, it's not healthy and I should be avoiding fast food entirely. BUT, I've earned the right to treat myself sometimes, and if this fill today gives me restriction...who knows when I'll enjoy some french fries again?!

The weird thing about the fill today is what's been happening to me since I left the doctor's office this afternoon. I'm hosting a HUGE annual event tomorrow and had to do some serious shopping with some students after my appointment...250 pounds of tri-tip, 1000+ bread rolls, water bottles, gatorade, etc...can ya tell we're having a giant BBQ? At any rate, I complained to my FFA President that I was having chest pains as soon as we got to the store, which was about an hour after my fill. I'd been fine drinking water at the doctor's office, and continued to sip the water I had with me. Pushing heavy carts around Costco made the pain worse, so I let the kids take over...and I let them unload the truck when we got back to school. It's now 6 hours after my fill and I'm still experiencing chest tightness and pain. I know it's not because I got "overfilled" because I'm able to drink liquids like a champ - remember, I'm on 24 hours of liquids after my fills. So...hmm? Not sure what's going on, and my day tomorrow is too busy and chaotic to go see the doctor. I'm hoping it's just my esophagus adjusting to the new restriction...or something? I actually posted a thread on the LapBandTalk website tonight to see if I can get any answers from my fellow Bandsters. If you read this and have any ideas, let me know!

One thing I know for sure...tomorrow is a HUGE day for my agriculture program and students, so if I don't sleep this off, I'll survive...and maybe give Angela a call to see if she has any advice. And if the pain is still around on Saturday? I'll bail on my all-day meeting to head over to the doctor's office then.


  1. sounds like your doing well... be careful with the chestpains and if they continue see a doc..

    My trip is in late march till mid april..

    hope all is well

  2. Well Keep me posted, bestie. I'm glad you got your fill land that went well, and hopefully this is nothing serious, or related, for that matter.

  3. This is not right. You may be busy today, but this is wrong and if chest pain continues, call the doctor. I think you have something going on that is totally unrelatede with all the sickness and you are just assuming it is lapband related. You do know how you spell assume! Take care sweetie!