Saturday, January 9, 2010

No mo popsicles!

Yeesh - day one of recovery and I'm learning what this LapBand is really capable of doing to my system already. I spent most of the day on the couch, in and out of sleep while watching TV. I ventured to the grocery store later in the day, and even treated myself to a Diet Coke at Burger King on the way home...only about 10 sips, maybe, were ever drunk from that soda...waste of money? Yes.

At the store I loaded up on liquid goodies - fat free chocolate milk, fat free milk and some fat free coffee creamer...things I didn't have in my house, but knew I'd be allowed to drink (obviously, the creamer WITH I also picked up some sugar free "snack size" popsicles. Now, not having any experience with this band other than the little bit of water, juice and broth I had had so far today, I figured "snack size" was definitely the way to go. I get home, put away groceries, and sit down with my barely-touched Diet Coke and a raspberry popsicle...

...and soon remember that literature my doctor had given me that said "Write a sign and hang it where you eat that reminds you to EAT SLOWLY!" Knowing that I'm on a totally liquid diet, but that popsicles are okay, I made sure to eat this yummy raspberry frozen confection slowly so as to avoid any chunks going down the ol' esophagus. I licked, sucked, looked at the 'sicle...all was well. About halfway through the popsicle, I felt...stuffed. I threw the rest of the popsicle away and posted a status message on Facebook that said: "just ate half a "snack sized" real fruit popsicle. I'm stuffed, threw the second half away. That kinda makes me giggle :)." At the time, 3 hours ago, it did!

From there I headed into my favorite online karaoke chat room and started chattin' with a couple of friends...and it hits me. I was MORE than full. Not giggly "omg only half a popsicle filled me up" full, but...FULL. I didn't feel well. I got offline, ventured back to the couch...would be in fetal position, except that my incision sites are still painful...and just felt sick. 3 hours later, I'm just now starting to feel normal again. But, I swear, I've been feverish and ready to pop for most of the evening...all thanks to half a popsicle.

Lesson learned? EAT SLOWER! If the popsicle has to drip on me, so be it. I should try putting it in a bowl and eating it like ice cream...oh, and I also need to DRINK MORE WATER. Now that I'm up? I put some Brita filtered water into the sippy cup I bought myself today (heck yes!) and sipping on the water is helping as well.

:::yeesh::: Day 1? LapBand wins.

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