Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Keeping Track.

So tomorrow will be two weeks post-op. I'll admit I haven't been following the post-op diet very well, but I'm determined to be back on track. After spending countless hours reading the forums on LapBand talk, I've been amazed at the progress people make - and how strict they are about accounting for what they eat. Since the surgery, I've been following the diet somewhat, but haven't been paying attention to how many calories or grams of protein I've consumed - both of which I know are necessary to building muscle, healing myself and losing weight! So, today I dusted off an old friend - a program I bought long ago (back in the Kimkins diet days - read my first post!) that keeps track of food, activity, weight loss, goals, etc. all on my computer - FitDay! I bought the program a couple of years ago and used it relentlessly while low-carb dieting. I've used it off and on, when the diet mood struck me, but now it's time to help my LapBand help me. By knowing exactly what I'm taking in, and tracking my weight progress, I am more accountable to myself. Funny, I didn't cheat once today...and I know it's because I'm actually SEEING the nutritional content of the food I'm eating. And, noticing I was a little lower on protein than where I should be, I came home and had a can of tuna for dinner. Woot!

Today's stats (since I'm full for the day and plan to just work on drinking some water tonight, which I haven't all day)?

Calories: 837
Fat(g): 16
Carbs(g): 99 - eek!
Protein(g): 77
Nutrients over 100% of the RDA (based on a 2,000 calorie diet): Vitamins B6, B12, C, D and E, Calcium, Folate, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Niacin, Riboflavin, Selenium, Thiamin and Zinc

Wow - what a day! And, since some are curious as to what LapBanders was today's menu:

Breakfast: Inspire Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Protein Shake (4oz), 1 Calcet Citrate Lemon Chew, 2 Mixed Berry Vitaband tablets
Snack: Grande Starbucks Black Tea - no sugar
Lunch: French Onion Soup (Panera Bread Co. with Bargaining Team - thanks to that for 70 carbs!)
Snack: Starbucks Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte
Dinner: 1 can Bumblebee Tuna

Not bad for a day's work! Obviously, my bargaining team and I are Starbucks least I made good choices! Tea has no nutritional value, but the Skinny Vanilla Latte, recommended by my sister Jacquie, was a good nutritional choice! I'm excited to track my progress with my nutrition program and watch the pounds come off!

1. Drink more water. (gonna work on 80oz. tonight...SHOULD be drinking it during the day instead of Starbucks!)
2. Exercise. (Did well by Biggest Loser-ing it last night, but I need to up my activity level! If this port pain would go away, I may feel more inclined to do it!)

But, I'm down 15.4 pounds now since starting this journey 3 weeks ago. Awesome! If only I could continue to lose at a rate of 5 pounds a! I know, wishful (and unhealthy!) thinking! OH - and, my doctor was full of crap about the "cortisol" thing I talked about in my post-op appointment post. His theory of not weighing myself releasing cortisol and burning fat in my body? Refuted by research I've done on the LapBand talk forum, google (of course - I'm a google whore!) and by a trusted nutritional expert-ish friend! So, I'll weigh myself whenever I want! I figure, if I'm dieting and exercising...that has to take the weight off. It's about me doing the work to become the physical being I want to become, not about random hormonal releases in my body!


  1. The results will show, if you step on a scale or not. It's noticeable to me, without me asking, or being guessing at what you're currently down to. As Far As Dr. Google, Ph.D. Whilst widely considered an expert in the field of EVERYTHING, It too, has been known to lead many a "soul" questionable counsel. That being said? I know how thorough you are, and have no doubts about the results and conclusion you came to. Anywho? Hugs! and I'm proud of you kid.

  2. I am very proud of you for recognizing what you had been doing might not work. I was a little worried about some of your choices so I am glad you are back on track. Try some of the other Inspire products,,,the cinnamon cappucino in coffee is as good if not better than any Starbucks stuff and good for you! Hugs and kisses honey, Grandma is behind you! Today is the 5th anniversary of my gastric bypass and I need to get back in step...bought Wii yesterday, so I will excercise with you in my heart and mind! Love to you!!

  3. Step on Mr. Scale as much as you want! The number are what they are. I was weighing everyday after I was banded until I hit a plateau and now I have changed to once a week. Do what works for you. I journal using an app on my iphone, I don't have a desk job and not at a computer and my phone is always with me. I do not plan to journal all my life, but right now I need the guidance.

    Congrats on your 15lb loss so far!