Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's here!

Hospital called today and confirmed my surgery for tomorrow at the Tri-City Medical Center in Hawaiian Gardens, California. I've never been to that particular city before, but it sounds nice! Besides, I can always tell people that I went to Hawaii for surgery, right?? :) I have to check in at noon, so bestie and I will leave the house at about 9:30am to make the trek down there. The consultant told me I should expect to be discharged around 7 or 8pm tomorrow night, so it'll be late before I get home and get to pass out! I've heard from several people today wishing me luck, wanting updates tomorrow, etc...gosh, wish I could have my phone with me all day! Once they take me back for surgery, I'm sure I won't be bored anymore...but if you're someone waiting for the "how she's doing" blog, I doubt I'll jump on here when returning home from surgery late tomorrow night. And, Grandma? I know you'll be asleep :).

Wow - reading back that first paragraph, I'm not so eloquent at the moment. It's been a rough last few days...getting back into the routine of school while sticking to the pre-op diet, lecturing and hammering content into my students as much as possible because I'll be absent for the next 6 days from work, union grievances to process, substitute lesson plans to write, grades to finish...yeesh. I'm almost *lucky* to be having my LapBand installed tomorrow so I can take a break! LOL! It's sad that I'm ready for another "vacation" after returning from our two week winter break, but I'm sure I'm not alone in that!

Don't have much to say as of now, and my lack of sophisticated thought is bothering me a little...I will say that I'm not so much nervous about my surgery tomorrow. I'm anxious: for the surgery to be here and over, for the post-op recovery to go smoothly and as painless as possible, for my awesome bestie to be out of the hospital waiting room as quickly as possible and, most of all, for this new life I will lead as a "Bandster" to truly begin.


  1. Bestie? Bandster or not? You're always been amazing, capable, and fully Led every single moment of your life to the utmost of your ability. Don't worry about me in that waiting room. Ten minutes, or ten hours, You're my BEST FRIEND, I'd wait how ever long you'd ask of me, and longer. It's what we do for each other. As for you? Be calm, not anxious! Hehe, Surgery or not? Your life as one of those "Bandster's" has already begun, and this is merely one of many culmination points that will reinforce, prove, and remind you of that. Anywho, I'm here for you, and will watch over ya.

  2. You were perfectly eloquent in your first paragraph - I'm surprised you can string 2 sentences together having lived on liquids the past few days. I'd be a MESS. lol (Heck, I'm usually a mess by the time I get home from work every evening and have NO ELOQUENCE left in me by then.) Your boundless energy has always amazed me. You're probably one of the busiest folks I know, Joia! GOOD LUCK!! And I know Bestie will take good care of you.

    ((BIG HUGS))