Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

A new year always brings promises with it - those of health, love and money. This year? It's going to be quite a different year for me. I turn 30 in August. I may be looking to buy a house in July (or decide to rent for another year). He will be here in 10 days. And, most importantly to my health? My surgery is in 6 days. I'm looking forward to the incredible changes I'll see in 2010, and to the new places I will see (West Virginia & Louisiana!). I'm really stoked about the opportunities that this year promises to bring, and know that success is within my reach for my own, personal health and well being. That? Is the greatest gift I could give myself in this new decade - happy 2010!

And here we are on Day 2 of the pre-op diet...surprisingly, it wasn't the hunger that got to me yesterday. Despite consuming under 600 calories in the entire day, it was the MASSIVE headache I got from quitting caffeine and cigarettes all in one day as well. I'm an avid Diet Coke drinker - a typical day involves me consuming two or three (or four!) 44 ounce Diet Cokes from various fast food locations in town. When I'm not out and about as much (as is the case with vacation), I typically drink a lot of iced tea (plain, thanks) and even get on a coffee kick every few days. Cutting my diet to strictly water, diet juice and protein shakes for my liquid consumption...ugh. On top of that? Quitting the pack a day I was smoking didn't help me either...I took a nap yesterday afternoon only to awake with the most ginormous, pounding headache I've had in some time. I woke up, took some Excedrin and bummed a smoke off of my bestie (best friend and roommate) who was happy to oblige. When I muttered the comment, "I need to go buy a pack of smokes," he handed me a pack he had just bought and said, "No ya don't." Trust me - he's the most supportive guy around, and it's probably best that I quit one thing at a time. Maybe he knew that? So, I smoked throughout the night, stuck to the diet, and will have to work on the nicotine headache later today. But...

Today's Weight: 335.0 pounds :) Yay for pre-op diet!


  1. Take one cup of coffee, tea or soda and sip it throughout the whole day to wean yourself off caffeine. B ut just one cup! I am so proud you are doing something for yourslef this year. You have done for others for 2 decades, now it is time to take one for yourself!

  2. I'm proud of you bestie. it is hard quitting all these things at once, and? You know what? You're never on your journey alone. When you feel those moments of weakness, or pain, you've friends, family, loved one's and a bestie to hold you through it all!