Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Again?

Today was my first day back at work - yeesh! I've been feeling fine - minimal incision pain, well rested, well taken care of (thanks boyfriend!) and been eating (mostly) what I'm supposed to be eating...oh, and drinking a ton of water. But, one hour back at work walking around my classroom, bending over repeatedly to help students...I felt like two of my four incisions were burning and I had been sucker punched before 2nd period even started! While it was good to be back at work, and my students were stoked to see me, I had to tell 2nd period that they needed to come to my desk if they needed help with their journals today. I told them that if I continued to walk around and bend all period, my incisions would burst and they'd see my intestines on their tables! Hahaha - they bought it, and were good to me! By the time I got my four classes taught, did two trips up to the office to handle paperwork, and got my substitute lesson plans ready again (I'll be absent the next two days for contract bargaining - yay teachers union work!), I was exhausted and sore. Thankfully, I wore tennis shoes and comfy clothes today, so I wasn't sore from my outfit! My jeans did become cumbersome around lunch time...not because they were snug (which surprised me, because they're smaller than what I used to wear...I need to do laundry!), but because when I was sitting down, the top of the jeans rubbed on the incision right above my belly button. Solution? I unbuttoned the top of my jeans, zipped them down an inch or two, and tucked the excess material into the jeans - long sweater concealed it, and I was good to stand and lecture for my 5th period class!

I did come home after all of that, though, and laid down/napped briefly before a two hour union executive board meeting I had this afternoon. Although it didn't help much, it was good to rest. My stomach still feels oogly...but I did get in a light cardio/stretch Biggest Loser workout tonight in on my Wii. I'm still in awe and thankful that my mom and sister pitched in to buy me a Wii, fitness board and games for Christmas! Tonight was the first time I worked out post-op...I knew I wasn't in great shape, and I wasn't feeling very well...but I decided that since I was well enough to return to work, it was time to start working out!

Side note: it's Christmas again! When I woke up from my nap this afternoon and was about to leave the house, there was a package on my doorstep - from my Grandma! She's AWESOME! She had gastric bypass surgery done a couple of years ago and has found this website where she buys various nutrition products from. I wasn't expecting it, but she had bought and sent me three boxes of Calcet Citrate Lemon Cream Creamy Bites (I just had one - it's yummy!) to help with my calcium intake, a 90-day supply of LapBand friendly vitamins (chewable - I had one of those too, also yummy!) and a bag of peanut butter fudge whey protein powder! Although I'm stuffed right now, I'll be sure to try out the protein powder in the morning for breakfast! WOW! How awesome is my Grandma? No, you can't have her.

And, that's it in a nutshell! I'm 12 days post-op now, no idea what I weigh, and the first day back at work was hell. Luckily, since I'm contract bargaining for the next two days, I'll be doing a lot of sitting...then back to regular work on Friday! Yeesh, I'm ready for my first fill and for the weight to start coming off! But, as boyfriend and I say...one day at a time :).


  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your little "gift", isn't that calcium awesome. I have tried everything out there and it always felt like eating chalk, this is like getting a free dessert. Go try the Rock n Roll protein bar, I swear they are Payday candy bars in disguise. Even your Dad agreed with that. I am the lucky one to have you for a Granddaughter and I am just pleased as punch that you won't give me away!! Love you baby!

  2. As an aside, Grandma? The peanut butter fudge protein shake was SO yummy! Didn't taste chalky or anything...I swear I had dessert for breakfast!

  3. joia? Your grandma is so good to you! :D