Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bandster Hell

It's here! Thanks to avid reading on my fave LapBand support website, I'd done a lot of reading about this mysterious "Bandster Hell" everyone referred to. Apparently, once your stomach and insides have healed and the swelling goes down, you reach BH prior to gaining restriction. Remember, my band has no saline in it yet, so the only restriction I'm getting is from having a piece of plastic around my stomach. Any food slides through - I've tried chips, sandwiches, etc...more out of curiosity to see if I could eat those things more than anything. 90% of the time, I'm a good girl and eat what I'm supposed to. But, yup, all that can get through the band relatively easily. I still drink with meals...after reaching restriction (when fluid has been placed in the band), I'll need to eat MUCH slower, chew more, not drink 30 minutes before or after a meal, etc...all to help process the 1/2 to 1 cup of food I'm able to consume in a sitting. Right now? Not the case. The only thing helping me lose weight right now is ME. Period. Granted, this process has shrunken my stomach a little bit - I'm into week 4 of this now (counting the 1 week pre-op diet), and I definitely can't sit down and enjoy a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Large Fry, Diet Coke...and still have room for more! But, I'm pretty sure I could work up to that in a day or so!

So back to BH...symptoms? Until I get the band filled to the point where I feel restriction (you know, when the band is actually working with me!), I'm running this weight loss thing on sheer willpower. My stomach isn't swollen anymore, my scars are It's completely up to me to eat healthily, work out, etc. Ugh. I have been STARVING since Thursday, but am being a good girl about eating 900-1200 calories a day while maintaining at least 60-75g of protein. Thank god for my FitDay program that I started logging my calories into. If it weren't for me being accountable for what I put into my mouth? I'd be eating all day just to help curb the hunger...and probably wouldn't eat the low calorie foods I'm choosing. Bandster Hell sucks. I'm so hungry that even my roommate's bitchy cat looks tasty at times. (Okay, not really - but it's funny!)

1. I WILL power through it.
2. I WILL take care of myself.
3. I WILL turn hunger pangs into an excuse to work out.
4. I WILL continue drinking massive amounts of water.
5. I WILL make this LapBand tool work for me!

Bottom line? I didn't go through all of this to blame weight gain on something in my head. I realize that my body IS well nourished, regardless of a grumbling tummy. Again, thanks to the FitDay program I use, I know I'm meeting all of my nutrition requirements daily. And because I continue to see weight loss on the scale, I know that my body's not in starvation mode and "holding on" to the weight that's currently on my body. Besides, a day of 900-1200 calories is more than enough to sustain a person. Ya hear that body? You're FINE! SHUT UP!

The side bonus of all of this, though, relates to #3 above. I finally took out the Wii Fit board today I got and put in the Wii Fit Plus game I got as part of my Christmas fit package. When I tried the game pre-op, I exceeded the maximum weight limit and it wouldn't let me play...sad face. Now having been back at work for a week and feeling better, not swollen, etc., I decided on Round 2 with the board. I put in the disk, got on the board...and I work now, even with clothes on! LOL! I spent 65 minutes today on Wii Fit Plus activities - it has this cool "Fit Bank" that tells you how long you've done activities and the amount of calories you've burned. Although it takes closer to 80 minutes to do 65 minutes of activity once you add in the transitions to new "games" and "workouts," I used the breaks to drink water and never sat down! This is going to sound weird coming from me, but I actually ENJOYED working out today! Wii Fit Plus makes it easy and fun to get some calorie burning activity in, so I'm planning to do 30 minutes of it a day. I know life gets hectic and I may not be able to swing it, but it's a good goal! And, once I build up some endurance and energy, I'll give the Biggest Loser game another try...that Jillian sure kicked my ass when I tried it pre-op!

Soo...Bandster Hell? Screw you.

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  1. Wow I hope when I am at that point I am as strong as u! I want the wii fit too. My mom is losing weight just by doing the wii. I am poor but I hope to save up enough soon because I would love a fun way to lose weight. So right now the gym it is lol