Monday, January 11, 2010

Another life changing day!

So here it is - post-op day 4. The weekend went pretty well for me. I haven't had another episode like I did with the popsicle the other day, but I've made sure to be drinking my water and have been drinking my protein shakes and broth for nutrition. It's really weird to be taking in minimal calories, and being full. Last night I was hanging out in the SingSnap chat room with some friends, singing some tunes, drinking my water...and realized I was hungry. I got up and made a 4 oz. protein shake, drank half of it, and was so stuffed I threw the rest down the sink. It's so BIZARRE, but I know it's par for the course and I'll get used to having such little content make up my meals. I did go big yesterday and picked up a small chocolate milkshake from Burger King as I was picking up my dry cleaning...and drank the whole thing! I was surprised I finished it, and didn't get sick, but I also know that milkshakes are one of the "slider foods" they warn you about - something that slides quickly through the band pouch. It made me really think about how this band is really just a tool to help me in my weight loss journey. I could continue eating fast food and other crap, and never lose any weight. The only difference now is that I physically can't handle the portions I used to be able to (double quarter pounder with cheese, supersize fry...the works). It's still up to me to eat healthy and exercise so that this weight can come off. Nothing's happened to permanently alter my anatomy, so I've really got to use this tool to my advantage.

That's the big difference between the LapBand surgery and gastric bypass surgery. With the surgery I chose, I'm not "altered," I can still eat just about anything, there's no "dumping syndrome," I'm not going to get sick and puke just because I ate certain foods...I'll still be able to meet nutrition requirements, but doing it the right way. I do know that once I'm on solid foods in a couple of weeks that I'm supposed to start taking some supplements - calcium's one...can't remember the other right now (I'm focusing on each week's recovery diet at a time!), but, in general, I'll be able to make sure I'm doing what's right for my body. Definitely need to increase my water intake and exercise, while reducing my "crap" food habits. I've done extensive research on both surgeries and decided that this one was the right one for me - it allows me to live a "normal" life while still helping me to maintain my health goals.

Back to this weekend, after a two paragraph tangent...I spent the weekend relaxing and cleaning my house. My favorite teacher friend came over on Saturday and hung out with me - we watched a movie, shared stories, showed off my surgery incisions...good times! It's been nice to be mobile enough to clean my house - I've done more cleaning that NEEDED to be done in my house than I've ever made time for. Of course, there were plenty times where I needed to stop and relax...and, at one point, my stomach got too sore to bend over anymore. Frequent resting, though, made it possible to get through the cleaning I wanted to do and help in my recovery process. As well as I feel, I can't imagine going back to work right now...knowing me, I'd tough through teaching my four classes, jumping around like I do when I lecture and help students, and I'd never fully recover. In fact, I'd probably be in agony by the end of the day and seriously mess up something in my's good I "forced" myself to take this time off to recover fully and correctly.

So what makes today so life changing? *He* is coming! *He* is a guy I met online, unexpectedly, about two months ago. I had given up on love in my life at that point in time, ready to focus on my LapBand surgery, my career...just me for awhile. I got out of a pretty intense relationship last summer, that was bound to end in marriage, so it was the first time in my life I stopped dating, stopped "flirting," and generally stopped having an interest in being in a relationship. Those who know me well know that that transition was pretty huge for me. I was enjoying life, though, living for myself for the first time in 29 years. Then, as they say, that's when love found me. While minding my own business working in the SingSnap chat room (I was an administrator in the room for five months of 2009), *he* kept popping in as a new member, not really sure what to do. I finally asked him, after a few days of him popping in and out, if he was going to stay this time. He did, taken aback that someone noticed he was popping in and out. We got to talking and found out that we have just about EVERYTHING in common - it's really insane. We could have been twins! The weird part about it all is that he's only 3 months older than me - I've typically dated men who were 5-10 years older than me. At any rate, we talked/texted constantly over the last two months...he lives in West Virginia and I'm in California, so a quick meeting wasn't going to happen.

But, he's flying in TODAY! We get to meet! He's known about my LapBand journey since we met, since I met him right about the time of my initial consultation. Although I'd like to make the "first impression" under normal circumstances, he knows I'm 4 days post-op and he's vowed to take care of! I'm such an independent, headstrong (okay, stubborn!) lady, but I know I'll have to turn some of that over to him and let him take care of's what I should do anyway to recover correctly! It's hard to really describe how crazy I am for this guy, or how well we click - but I'm sure it'll be a great week for both of us. I do have a couple of things to do for work this week, but since I'm also recovering from surgery, he'll be able to come and help me out.

The weirdest thing about it all, though? He asked me last night what I'd be wearing, so he could pick me out of the crowd at the airport (he's flying into LAX the same time my bestie's flying out to Alaska to visit his sister, so all of the transportation worked out great!)...I didn't know what to tell him! Since the surgery, I've worn nothing but pajama pants, tank tops, bra. One of the incision spots sits right on my bra line and two of them are right below it, underneath each breast. On top of that, my stomach is pretty swollen from all of the activity of the surgery...I don't know HOW wearing a bra will feel, or if I'll be able to comfortably wear a pair of soon as I shower here in a few minutes, I'll begin the "trying on" of outfits to make sure (a) I look cute for the first impression (well, as cute as I can look four days after surgery with a swollen stomach!) and (b) that I'm comfortable and not in pain just from the clothes. I'm in enough pain at my incision spots and inside my stomach/rib muscles - I don't need any more!

Sooo...four days ago I made a life changing step just for me. My LapBand is installed, I'm recovering, taking my pain meds and antibiotics...recovery is going well and I'm looking forward to the life I have in front of me. Today? May be the day I meet "the one." If it doesn't turn out that way? At least I'll have finally met an awesome friend who will definitely be in my life for years to come! I'm stoked!

AND - as a side note? I've been hanging out at to read others' stories of their LapBand journey, getting advice, etc. I met and have been chatting with a new friend who also lives in California who had his surgery a month ago. It's neat to have a friend nearby who is relatively close to my progress. We've both shared our stories and he's been helpful in answering questions I have...yay for my band buddy Troy!

Today's Weight: 326.2 pounds (12 pounds gone baby!)


  1. May your day be all you are hoping for and may it turn out to be truly "the one". Grandma is on your side in all you do!