Thursday, January 7, 2010

Aaand...I'm off!

Just waiting on my bestie to be ready to go - and we're off! We just need to hit the gas station to fill up my car, then we'll be off for the 2+ hour trek to the hospital! I'm totally comfy right now in my fuzzy pajama pants my sister got me for Christmas, a tank top (no bra! - I'm gonna have incisions in that area) and some flip flops. I'm all showered and followed all of the pre-op instructions...haven't had anything to eat or drink since midnight, showered, no makeup, perfume, deoderant (it's odd to leave the house without that on!), lotion, etc.

Ooo...I hear bestie gettin' his coffee on in the kitchen - must be time to go!! The consultant said I'd be discharged at 7 or 8pm (did I say that yesterday?!), so we should be home about 9 or 10pm tonight! we go!

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